Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags (Rare)

If you are looking for something special for the flooring inside your home, or for your patio or courtyard, then using historical flags can be a wonderful way to get a truly unique look. While Yorkstone flags themselves are fairly rare, we generally keep a good stock of interior and exterior flag stones which we reclaim from sites all over the country. Occasionally, however, we come across a particularly special or significant batch of rare Yorkstone flags that are no longer needed in the property they were originally laid in, and are available for reclamation. Within this section of our website, you will find any such flags we currently have in our collection, for example flags from important buildings like cathedrals.

We supply our Yorkstone flags in batches that are either from the same source (which is almost always the case with our rarest flags), or which are of a similar age, quality, colour and size, so you can get a nice, consistent effect when you lay them on your own property.

If you would like to get a better look at our flags, you are welcome to come and visit us at our reclamation yard. We have a four acre site in Preston, Lancashire, where we keep all of our reclaimed building materials, outdoor features, glass, stone, iron, doors, antique furnishings, and many more great period pieces we have recovered.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us now on 01772 794534, or by email.

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  • Reclaimed cherry top yorkstone flags

    Reclaimed Cherry Top Yorkstone Street Flags 3″ – 4″ thickness; £120 (ex. VAT) per yd2 SN1764

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