Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags (Courtyard or Patio)

Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags are our speciality. If you want to give your patio an authentic period look reclaimed Yorkstone paving flags are a beautiful way to achieve it. Characterful flagstones offer a stunning look for courtyards, driveways and patio areas, and are extremely durable.

Old Yorkstone flags are becoming increasingly rare, at Ribble Reclamation we salvage flag stones from properties all over the country in order for them to be reused to create a beautiful look for period home. When you buy reclaimed flags from Ribble Reclamation, we supply flags in batches from the same source, or of similar age, size and quality, so you can get a consistent look. We stock a wide range of courtyard grade flag stones, and so whatever size, age or quantity you need, we hope we have something available to meet your requirements.

If you want to view our stock of quality reclaimed Yorkstone flagstones in person before you buy, we have our full range on display at our four acre site in Preston, Lancashire. If you have any enquiries, or are not able to find what you are looking for on our website, you can also call us on 01772 794534 or email us – we sometimes have new stock in that is not yet detailed on the website, and will be happy to talk to you about our extended range. Our display gardens currently have eight different types of reclaimed yorkstone laid.

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  • Reclaimed cherry top yorkstone flags

    Reclaimed Cherry Top Yorkstone Street Flags 3″ – 4″ thickness; £120 (ex. VAT) per yd2 SN1764

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  • Reclaimed Yorkstone Stamps

    Reclaimed Yorkstone ‘Stamps’; 2″ to 3″ thickness; £70 (ex. VAT) per yd2 SN1735

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  • Reclaimed General purpose Yorkstone Flags 2″ to 4″ thick; £80 (ex. VAT) per yd2 SN1719

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  • Reclaimed weathered Yorkstone Flags 2″ to 3″ thick; £90 (ex. VAT) per yd2 SN1490

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