Sundials (Antique)

A sundial may no longer be the most practical way to tell the time, considering we live in an age with computers and mobile phones (and of course, normal clocks and watches!). However, there is no denying that a sundial makes an elegant addition to a garden, and is fun to use. Watching the shadow move around the dial, giving an eerily accurate reading of the time, can be interesting, and the design of an antique sundial creates a beautiful and unusual outdoor feature.

Sundials were popular outdoor features for centuries, and there are all kinds of different designs that were in fashion during different periods. Whether you favour a very simple design, or something ornate and highly decorative, you can find a sundial that suits your taste. While replicas are available, the best way to get a true, historical look is with a real antique, such as the ones we have listed here.

Ribble Reclamation specialises in finding the most attractive and well preserved outdoor features, reclaimed building materials, architectural pieces and more. We regularly encounter and salvage beautiful antique sundials, which we then make available to our customers. If you can’t see a sundial you like here, give us a call on 01772 794534, or email us. We often have new arrivals to our collection that have not yet been added to our website.

If you want to see our sundials in person before you buy, you can also visit our reclamation yard in Preston, Lancashire, where our sundials are ready to view in our outdoor display area.

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