Oak Beams (Large)

Oak beams can be used to help restore older properties to the look they originally had, and are structurally strong as well as being attractive. If you are looking to replace old, damaged beams or add beams to your property for aesthetic reasons, we have a huge selection in stock at very reasonable prices.

We have well preserved reclaimed oak beams of all different ages – in fact, one beam we recovered, which was still in perfect usable condition was analysed and dated using dendrochronology (a way of dating wood using tree rings), and found to be from a tree felled as long ago as 1580!

We have beams of varying sizes, up to 14 metres long. Our longest beams can also be cut to size, ensuring you have exactly the length you need for your project. We provide beams in four different finishes – ‘as is’, ‘cleaned’, ‘cleaned and waxed’, or ‘cleaned, waxed, sanded and polished’. This means you can choose from all kinds of different looks, from very rustic through to highly polished. Of course, if you choose the ‘as is’ or ‘cleaned only’ beams you can also use your own treatments on them to get the look you are going for.

We generally have a large amount of oak beams available for delivery of 5 meters and over. The sizes given on our website are approximate, so this is something to consider if you buy online. If size is very important for your project, please give us a call before you buy to let us know your requirements on 01772 794534. You can also email us the specifics of what you need, or you can come by and visit us at our site in Preston where you can also see our full range of oak beams first hand before you purchase them.

Please click here to view our current stock list of oak beams.

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  • Reclaimed Oak Beam AS IS #204: 194″ long; 11.5″ x 10″ section; £509.95 (ex. VAT)

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  • Reclaimed Oak Beam AS IS #205: 226″ long; 11.” x 12″ section; £681.77 (ex. VAT)

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  • Reclaimed Oak Beam AS IS #208: 216″ long; 11″ x 12″ section; £651.75 (ex. VAT)

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