Oak Beams (Inglenooks)

Inglenooks are wooden beams (usually made of oak) which are used above fireplaces. They are an attractive and elegant feature that gives an even cosier feel to an open fire, and really adds to the feel of a room designed in a classic period style.

At Ribble Reclamation, we reclaim and refurbish inglenooks of all kinds of ages. Using tree ring dating (technically known as dendrochronology), one beam we recovered was analysed as being from a tree that was felled somewhere between 1580 and 1613! Because oak is so resilient, even beams of this age still have plenty of years of good use in them, and we sand, wax and polish all of our reclaimed inglenooks so they look their absolute best when they make it into one of our customers’ homes!

If you can’t find the size of inglenook beam you are looking for listed here on our site, please get in touch with us. We do have some extremely large beams that can be cut down to smaller sizes, so we may be able to make a custom inglenook from one of our beautiful reclaimed oak beams quite easily.

You can contact us in three ways: by calling now on 01772 794534, by sending an email, or by dropping by our reclamation yard in Preston, Lancashire. If you visit us, you will also be able to see our collection of beams, as well as all of our other fantastic reclaimed building materials, architectural features, outdoor features and antiques for yourself

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